Salão do Imobiliário, Investimento e Turismo
Portugal - Suíça
18 | 19 de Janeiro de 2022
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Exceptional investment opportunity with high ROI

A luxury real estate program located in the northern region of Portugal conceived as a green resort, perfectly integrated in its natural environment, with an 18-holes golf course designed around a luxury hotel and a village providing all facilities for the residents. 956 villas and apartments which all benefit the tremendous view on the water and the surrounding green hills. An excellent destination and investment opportunity in a well preserved and authentic environment.

Invest in a highly profitable programme in Northern Portugal

Investissez dans un programme à haute rentabilité dans le nord du Portugal

Investment programme - PALACETE DO CONDE DIAS GARCIA

The Conde Dias Garcia Palace (known as the Palacete dos Condes) was owned by António Dias Garcia (1859-1940), a local benefactor who became rich in Brazil. Having funded and sponsored numerous charities in Brazil and his homeland, São João da Madeira, he received several honorary titles, most notably the title of Count in 1928, granted by Pope Pius IX through Cardinal Arcoverde of Rio de Janeiro. He was also awarded the Degree of Commander of Order and Instruction and Beneficence by the Portuguese government and was even proposed as Minister of National Instruction. The palace, built at the turn of the nineteenth to the twentieth century, is an architectural example of the “Brazilian style” or “architecture of Brazilians” combining various building and decorative styles. Noteworthy are the large facades, with numerous doors and windows of considerable height, and the roof with two towers and coloured tiles. It was also a symbol that showed the owners’ personal prestige and wealth. Following the disappearance of António Dias Garcia in the 1940s, the palace functioned as a language institute, trainin


The Torre Velha Fortress is one of the most important examples of Portuguese Renaissance military architecture, having been built by D. João II, in place of the former Forte da Caparica, built in the reign of D. João I. It was one of the first integrated artillery systems for the defense of the Tagus estuary, along with the Santo António de Cascais Tower (Cascais bastion) and the São Vicente de Belém Tower. Later, in 1571, D. Sebastião enlarged the construction, transforming it into the Fortress of São Sebastião da Caparica. During the Philippine occupation it underwent some changes in the structure and became known as the Castilian Tower. At the end of the 17th century the fortress once again received consolidation works. Deactivated in 1801, the fortress began to function as a lazareto, welcoming boat travelers who needed to be quarantined after landing. It was reused for military purposes in 1832, but a few decades later it was only used as a warehouse and accommodation. At present, the fundamental parts of the mid-17th century remain, as evidenced by a plan designed in 1692. The plan develops in a U shape, consisting of three bodies and three bastions with barracks. One end of the fort is extended by a stronghold and the watchtower. Next to the door of arms was built the chapel, dedicated to St. Sebastian. The central body of the Old Tower is of quadrangular plan, lowered, to which the governor's house was attached. The old gate of the square, next to the tower, bears shield with the arms of Portugal.

Investment programme - FORTE DE SÃO JOÃO DA CADAVEIRA

The Forte de São João da Cadaveira is located on the beach of São João do Estoril and, according to an inscription on the portal of this fortress, its construction began in April 1642 and finished the following year. It is part of the set of Joanine fortresses built between 1642 and 1648 in order to create a defensive line between São Julião da Barra and Cabo da Roca. The original fortress, protected by a wall of trenches, was reinforced with an exterior wall at the end of the 17th century, and with three sentry houses in three of its angles in the 18th century. It presents square planimetry, divided into two rectangular spaces, corresponding to the battery with a parapet and all accommodation, surmounted by a terrace, following the same type of other fortifications on the coast of Cascais being built at that time. The primitive structural features of the Johannine building remained in spite of some subsequent alterations. The fortress was decommissioned in 1843, having since served other purposes. At present, this fortress is empty. Its privileged location, the proximity to Lisbon and Cascais, good roads and pedestrian access constitute an added value for the development of a tourist project in this property.

Investment programme - FORTE VELHO DO OUTÃO

Following the Second World War, a Portuguese-British commission developed a coastal defence plan for the Lisbon region, known as the "Barron Plan", which, between 1948 and 1958, the fixed batteries installed along the banks of the Tagus, Sado and the Setúbal peninsula became operational. From this point on, the Coastal Defence Command was renamed "Coastal Artillery Regiment". Located on the slopes of Serra da Arrábida, the battery of Outão was the seventh stronghold of the Portuguese coast, protecting the mouth of the river Sado and strengthening the firepower of the 6th and 8th batteries. It was operational in 1954, consisting of three 152mm batteries of the Vickers brand, made in England, with a range of about 35 km. The old Fort of Outão and the barracks were also part of the battery of Outão which ceased activity in 1998. Now the Old Fort of Outão still exists, built in the 17th century on a bastion platform and constructed in staggered sections, with terraced roofs, surrounded by tall walls that finish at a balcony. There is also a battery barracks with an annex, built within the fort. There are also small support buildings, and the battery itself, with its impressive artillery structures. From the Fort there are fantastic views of the Sado estuary. Its privileged location is an added value for the development of a tourist project in this property.

Investment programme - COLÉGIO DE S. FIEL

At the foot of the Gardunha Mountains stands the majestic building of the old Jesuit college. The buildings, set within a large wooded property, date back to the second half of the 19th century and are formed by several rectangular wings, with two or three floors and one tower. The church is located on a hilltop and the cloister, although adulterated, is Franciscan-inspired. In addition to important laboratories and teaching facilities, the college had a meteorological observatory that functioned until 1910, a zoological museum and a valuable herbarium. The first “Brotéria” magazine was published in the college in 1902. Egas Moniz, Nobel Prize winner for medicine in 1949, completed his secondary education here. The entire property, with the exception of the sports field and pool, is for tourist use.

Investment programme - PAVILHÕES DO PARQUE D. CARLOS I

Designed at the end of the 19th century by Rodrigo Berquó to be the new D. Carlos I hospital. Berquó wanted to make Caldas da Rainha into a truly European spa resort, but the “Pavilions in the Park” did not succeed in fulfilling this function. For over 100 years, they were used as a military barracks, a police station and a secondary school. At present, they are out of use and show some signs of the passage of time. This built complex, in an unusual architectural style and part of the Spa Hospital of Caldas da Rainha, is regarded as one of the city’s main landmarks.

Investment programme - CONVENTO DE S. FRANCISCO

The founding of the São Francisco Convent was completed in 1275. Located next to Praça da República in Portalegre, it is one of the oldest buildings in the city and was one of the first houses of the Order of the Friars Minor to be founded in Portugal. It began as a convent for male mendicants in the 12th century, with additions during the Renaissance (the sarcophagus and altarpiece), in the Mannerist style (the altarpiece in the Gaspar Fragoso chapel and murals in the nave chapels) and Baroque style (the high altar and Baroque tile panels in the chancel). The abolition of religious orders led to the convent’s rapid decline, and it was partially adapted as a barracks. The church passed into the hands of the military in 1910, after which it was no longer open for worship. In the 19th century, however, the wings of the convent were changed and extended to house a facility linked to the cork industry, the Robinson Factory, the oldest and one of the largest cork-processing plants in the world. Its two chimneys are a landmark in the city. In addition to these and the building opposite are the warehouse buildings and the ‘block’, which served as annexes to the main convent, the bark workshop and bark warehouse, used both to store and handle raw cork bark, and the cork building, dating from the end of the 19th century. The factory complex provided employment to thousands of workers in the town. Homes for employees and factory owners were added to the original convent buildings, together with supporting infrastructures, such as a nursery.


Centros de interesses :

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O Salão do Imobiliário, Investimento e Turismo Portugal-Suíça (SIIT-SUÍÇA) é o maior evento sobre o comércio bilateral e oportunidades de investimento entre a Suíça e Portugal.

O SIIT-SUÍÇA responde a uma procura de empresários, investidores e particulares, quer suíços, quer portugueses. Destina-se também a um público internacional à procura de novas oportunidades de investimento, parcerias e contactos profissionais, ou à titulo particular regressar ao país, trabalhar, estudar, ou simplesmente descobrir as potencialidades turísticas.

O SIIT-SUÍÇA propõe igualmente um conjunto de conferências apresentadas por oradores de reconhecido mérito nas suas áreas de especialidade. O SIIT-SUÍÇA constitui assim um espaço único informativo e interativo para obter toda a informação fiável para a realização de projetos.

O SIIT-SUÍÇA é uma oportunidade única para as empresas e os cidadãos e confere um impulso empresarial maior num contexto de internacionalização.

Do ponto de vista geográfico, a Suíça possui uma posição estratégica e privilegiada. O seu contexto económico e a sua estabilidade proporcionam a realização de grandes eventos e conferências internacionais, em áreas diversas. A Suíça continua a ser uma referência mundial pela qualidade dos seus salões e conferências internacionais.

A Edição 2022 do SIIT-SUÍÇA terá lugar nos próximos dias 18 e 19 de Janeiro no maior centro de congressos da Suíça “Congress Center Basel”, localizado num complexo de 162’000 m² de área de exposição, situado no coração da cidade de Basileia.

O aeroporto internacional, EuroAirport Basel (CH) - Mulhouse (FR) - Freiburg (DE), localizado em zona fronteiriça com França e Alemanha, encontra-se a 8 km do centro de congressos. Basileia é um dos maiores centros financeiros da Suíça.

Objetivo do salão
  • Profissionais do imobiliário
  • Promotores
  • Arquitectos
  • Advogados e consultores
  • Profissionais de turismo
  • Profissionais da área financeira
  • Agências de promoção regional
  • Autarquias e colectividades
  • Associações empresariais
  • Incubadoras e startups
  • Investidores
  • Empresários
  • Gestores de grandes fortunas
  • Fiduciárias
  • Operadores turísticos
  • Compradores particulares
  • Público em geral


2 dias de exposição e oportunidades para convencer os investidores, empresários e particulares, da riqueza nacional e o seu indubitável valor, quer profissional, quer ao nível patrimonial, territorial e turístico, e alcançar um público-alvo interessado num investimento seguro.

Photo credit : © Basel Tourismus
Seja expositor

Exponha no Salão do Imobiliário, Investimento e Turismo Portugal-Suíça. Uma oportunidade ímpar !

Terá dois dias para cativar um público profissional exigente (nacional e internacional) e compradores particulares de excelência.

Trata-se de um ponto de encontro entre expositores, oradores e visitantes.

São dois dias de exposição para:
  • Apresentar e promover produtos, serviços e soluções à um público diversificado.
  • Divulgar novos projetos.
  • Explorar/identificar novas oportunidades e posicionar-se no mercado.
  • Beneficiar da visibilidade mediática e a previsível afluência elevada do público.
  • Exibir um país inovador e de referência no setor do imobiliário, turismo e novas tecnologias.
  • Divulgar as oportunidades de investimento em startups promissoras e o empreendedorismo em incubadoras.
  • Promover as regiões e ofertas turísticas nacionais e informar sobre os programas de incentivos regionais e governamentais disponíveis.

Faça parte deste certame e marque o seu lugar num mercado privilegiado !

Contacte-nos e reserve o seu espaço no evento SIIT-SUÍÇA.

Photo credit : © Basel Tourismus
Seja orador


A par dos expositores deste Salão são esperadas pelo público, com expectativa, as conferências.

Os visitantes pretendem, através do Salão, obter informações fidedignas e contactos de confiança.

Os diferentes oradores podem beneficiar das vantagens e possibilidades decorrentes do evento para promover atividades económicas de bens e serviços incluindo projetos e investimentos concretos, integrar ofertas turísticas, criar parcerias sólidas e realizar negócios com investidores e/ou particulares.

Conferências em inglês, português, francês e alemão.

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Divulgação: reportagem televisiva.

Colocação do logotipo do patrocinador num cartaz durante a realização das conferências.


Colocação do logotipo do patrocinador no website do evento.


Logotipo do patrocinador visível no photocall situado na entrada do Salão, lugar a ser usado para fotografar as altas individualidades presentes no dia da inauguração.


Publicidade na revista dedicada ao Salão.

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Colocação do logotipo do patrocinador em suportes rígidos do Salão.


Logo desde a entrada do evento, a sua empresa está referenciada nos rollups do Salão.


Presença do logotipo do patrocinador em todos os panfletos.


Presença do logotipo do patrocinador nas mesas durante o Salão.


O Congress Center Basel foi escolhido, propositadamente, pelos organizadores para a realização deste importante Salão, tendo uma área de 162’000m2, é o maior Centro de Congressos da Suíça.

É um dos espaços de exposição mais conceituados da Suíça onde acontecem a cada ano mais de 250 eventos de relevância nacional e internacional.

O Congress Center Basel situa-se a menos de 2 km da Alemanha e da França e a 8,5 km do aeroporto EuroAirport Basel(CH)-Mulhouse(FR)-Freiburg(DE).

O Congress Center Basel encontra-se no centro da cidade de Basel, existe uma vasta oferta hoteleira, de 3 a 5 estrelas. O centro de congressos disponibiliza uma plataforma de reserva de hotéis para os expositores : clique aquí.

Um parque de estacionamento com 1’800 lugares, localizado ao lado do Congress Center Basel, permite um acesso fácil para todos os visitantes do evento, assim como, para os expositores e oradores do Salão do Imobiliário, Investimento e Turismo Portugal-Suíça.

Em resumo
  • Suíça

  • Local

    Congress Center Basel
    O maior Centro de Congressos da Suíça.
  • Datas

    Salão do Imobiliário, Investimento e Turismo Portugal-Suíça

    Novas datas disponiveis em breve.

  • Superfície

    Todo o terceiro piso : 2'700m²
  • Periodicidade

    Bianual alternando entre a parte francesa e parte alemã da Suíça
  • Público alvo

    Investidores, empresários, particulares
  • Expositores / Oradores

    3 setores representados:

    • Imobiliário
    • Investimento
    • Turismo

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Programa do Salão

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GPS Congress Center Basel

  • Parking Messe Basel
    Riehenstrasse 101
    CH – 4058 Basel




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